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Okay, crunch Time. I need to do my whole paper and pack for trip (leaving tomorrow, wont be able to work thursday-monday) so this'll be fun. I don't like doing sloppy work, but sadly, this may be the outcome. Alright here we go...


If you don't know this about me already, I like Pink Floyd. I am a Floyd Fanatic. Do you think you like Pink Floyd as much as me? I didn't think so. But by the end of this paper I hope that you'l be a little closer. They have a very, very interesting history, as if Shakespeare wrote it himself. First and foremost, their name. Have you ever wondered why they chose the name Pink Floyd? Actually, they started off as "The Pink Floyd Sound", honoring blusemen Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. But that was even after they had about twenty different names when they were still forming. Now, our story begins...

In 1964, three friends by the names of George Roger Waters, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason all attended the Regent Street School Of Polytechnics, they soon formed a band called The Pink Floyd Sound (after many others). After teaming up with the original founder of the band, Syd Barret, they recorded their first single, Arnold Layne, a song about a crazy transvestite who steals women's clothes. Before long, they dropped the words "The" and "Sound" in the name and made their first album, The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. The studio that they rented out to make the album, was right down the hall from where The Beatles were recording Sgt. Peppers, and they soon got to know the beatles very well. The band had a subsequent tour scheduled for the United States, but Syd got very sick from taking to much LSD (better know as acid). His LSD addiction helped his imagination to write songs, but around the time of A Saucerful Of Secrets, his drug habits were out of control.
By the end of 1967, Syd was becoming to spaced out for his writings. The band considered getting a replacement for Syd. They recruited David Gilmour, an old friend of Roger and Syd's. David was originally recruited to cover for Syd on stage, if Syd were to make a mistake, David would fill the gap, and fix it. Unfortunately, That didn't work out. David would cover for Syd on stage while Syd stayed behind stage and wrote songs. The band tried as hard as they could to keep Syd in the band, but his acid addiction took control of him and he went crazy. The band finally decided to kick him out of the band. Syd wasn't one to hold a grudge, so he wanted to see their show that night because he loved the music. They forgot and didn't pick him up. Goodbye Syd Barret, we'll miss you.

In late 1969, Pink Floyd released a Double Album called Ummagumma. The first disc consisted of live tracks from various live performances in 1969, The second consisted of solo studio tracks by each member of the band. The very next year, Pink Floyd released their newest album, "Atom Heart Mother", with an orchestra playing on the 23-minute title track. The band toured extensively with the orchestra supporting the album. In early 1971, Pink Floyd was in the middle of making their new album "Meddle" with another 23-minute-plus song called Echoes.

Pink Floyd had written a 45-minute recording of songs that they played live in the past as all of that was going on. This recording was called Eclipse. It was mainly focused on society and how it alienates, controls, and destroys daily life. The original name for the recording was supposed to be Dark Side Of The Moon, but the British Blues band Medicine Head released an album the previous year of the same name. So they let the name go, until they heard that the Medicine Head album flopped on Billboard charts, so they revamped the name Dark Side Of The Moon and also wrote an end song for the opus which was called Eclipse. They turned their opus into an album in 1973, called Dark Side Of The Moon. It is the second highest selling rock record in history, compared to Michael Jackson's Thriller. Pink Floyd had rescently gotten a new producer, and he designed the cover that struck people as so odd, A beam of light going into a triangle and bursting at of the other side like a straight rainbow. That odd design has become quite the famous one and has become their trademark logo, just as the tounge of forty-licks is for the rolling stones. (Just so you know, Dark Side of the Moon is probably the greatest album of all time and I cried for a week when I lost it).

To follow up perfection (Dark Side of the Moon), Pink Floyd made Wish You Were Here. The album was dedicated to original lyricist and guitar player Syd Barret. During late recording of the album, Syd actually showed up to congratulate them on their success with Dark Side Of The Moon. During that tour they wrote yet another recording, but this one was mostly instrumental. This opus turned out to be Shine On You Crazy Diamond. It was split into 2 halves because it was too long to fit on one side of the record like they did in the olden days. During this tour Pink Floyd performed Dark Side Of The Moon in it's entirety again. I wish I was there...
After the success of Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd took off for a year and a half to make a new album. This album was based on the aristocratic and communist lifestyles in the world. Each type of person was loosely based on an animal. And this album became Animals. Dogs were the creepy rulers of industry, Pigs were the communist tyrants, Sheep were the common folk, always being brainlessly led by the Dogs and Pigs, and Pigs On The Wing was a love song that Roger wrote to his new wife, Carolyn. Roger Waters was not enjoying the stadium shows, and he actually took his anger out on a fan by spitting on him. He immideately felt terrible and ran away to his hotel room, to write lyrics expressing how he and the audience had come apart.

In late 1978, Pink Floyd met together to discuss new projects, after David and Rick made solo albums. Roger presented 2 projects in demo form. The first project was rejected, that project later turned out to be, Roger Waters' solo album, The Pros and Cons of Hitch-hiking. But the second project was taken, that project was The Wall. Roger had enough songs for 3 discs, but he had to get rid of a third of his songs. November 30, 1979, The Wall is released in the UK, and the fans love it. December 5, 1979, The Wall is released in the US, and again, the fans love it. For the tour they recruit Richard Wright on Keyboards. In 1982, Rick Wright left the band. Pink Floyd recuited new Keyboard Players for a new project called, Spare Bricks, A Collection Of Unrealeased Songs intended for The Wall but were scratched. Roger had plans to tour for the new album in November 1983, but because of tensions between each member, Roger cancelled those plans, and changed the name of the album to The Final Cut, which it probably would be if David and Nick left, but they didn't. Yet...

1984... What a sad year. You know why? Because the dreaded breakup finally occured. The band went their own seperate ways, Rick Wright made a solo project with Dave Harris called Zee-Identity, David Gilmour made a new solo album called About Face, and Roger Waters made The Pros and Cons Of Hitch-hiking. In 1986, David Gilmour talked to Nick Mason about getting the band back together. This caused a major law suit, Roger Waters sued David and Nick for the rights to the music, and the band name itself. Roger lost the case because Pink Floyd was never anything put into writing, but Roger was given the rights to perform Pink Floyd music at his concerts and was given ownership of The Wall and The Final Cut. In 1986, Dave and Nick set out to make the new album, A Momentary Lapse Of Reason. They recruited an array of Musicians for the album, including Richard Wright on Keyboards and about 20 others. They took off for the road, later in 1987 under the name Pink Floyd. The 3-Year Tour concluded in August 1990, when Pink Floyd played at The Knebworth Festival. Pink Floyd started recording in 1993 for their final album, The Division Bell. Richard Wright was finally back fully with the band as they toured for 6 months. The Tour Ended after a series of 12 shows at Earl's Court London, and during their tour of Europe, David Gilmour married his girlfriend Polly Samson. For this tour they did something they hadn't done in about 20 years, they played Dark Side Of The Moon in it's entirety.
I once again, Wish I was There.

In 1996, Pink Floyd was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Gilmour, Wright, and Mason performed Wish You Were Here with Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins. Floyd has done no concerts since then, but made a new live album in 2000. The band made this live album from many different recordings from The Wall Shows of 1980 and 1981 in London's Earls Court and Los Angeles, with Roger Waters. Roger Waters toured in 1999 & 2000, he made a new live album called In The Flesh.
In Late 2001, Pink Floyd including Roger Waters and Syd Barrett, with producer James Guthrie, made a new compilation album called Echoes. Although Floyd never did well with Compilations or greatest hits albums, this album was remastered as one continuous song like Dark Side Of The Moon.

Epilouge, sorta:

Live 8: It's raining, in fact it's been pouring for the last few hours, and that massive crowd out there is at a boiling point. Oh well, atleast it's for charity, Roger Waters thought to himself as he paced back in forth behind the stage. Oh thank God, the sun's coming out... "And now, PINK FLOYD!", A voice blasted on the speakers. How did that happen? Roger said to himself as he tripped on to stage, waking from a daydream. He saw duff there and nodded to him in acknowledgement, not knowing much else to do. But when the music started his head was completely clear, he was playing good, and for the first time in twenty years, he was comletely happy. Afterwards, he and David Gilmour held thir hands together causeing the crowd to erupt. Later David called him up and said, "That was fun wasn't it". "Yeah, it was", Waters replied. It really was...

Now, you've heard a sample of their music and you've discovered how fascinatiing their history is. If you somehow aren't even curious to hear more of their music or atleast learn more about them, then you're just crazy.

(This isn't my whole project, as you read it I'm gonna figure out a way to play the songs from the albums that we're being made by Pink Floyd at the time)

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Oh yeah, also....

My Primary source for this project has been
I've found a lot of good stuff there.

My secondary sources have been the sites that I've already listed and My Pink Floyd Albums. (you'd be suprised at how much you can learn from those... ( I have 4)


I. Introduction
A. Why I chose this project
B. What my project is
C. Why Pink Floyd chose the name 'Pink Floyd'

II. Pink Floyd Forms
A. How they met
B. Piper At the Gates of Dawn*
C. Syd Barret's instability
D. Syd Barret leaves w/ management

III. New Floyd
A. David Gilmour joins
B. A Saucerful of Secrets*
C. Syd Barret's solo carrer/his insanity
D. Ummagumma* and Atom Heart Mother*

IV. The Masterpeice
A. Roger Waters
1. New Songwriter
2. Things to come
B. Final Floyd
C. Dark Side of the moon*

V. Trying to top perfection
A. Wish You Were Here*
1. Last sign of peace
2. Only five songs?
B. Animals*
C. Trouble in Paradise

VI. Last Days
A. The Wall*
1. Waters isolates himself
2. Floyd's double album
B. The Final Cut* (literally)
C. The dreaded breakup

VII. The 80's...
A. A Momentary Lapse of Reason* (also literally)
B. Legal issues
C. Wright back, Waters not
D. Waters' solo career

VIII. Conclusion
A. Lonely lives
B. Live 8
C. Not likely...

(* indicates an album)

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WEEEEEEE! You know that quote I showed you guys in project Pink Floyd? I found another site that said exact same thing! And another! It must be true! Heres the quote weeeeeeeeeeeee.....

"Let us enter a time machine. Let us go whizzing away to swinging London in 1966. Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Rick Wright got together under a name taken from a record by Georgia bluesmen Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. Using lightshows to accompany their experimental, spacy music, Pink Floyd quickly became the numero uno psychedelic band of the London underground scene, beating out rivals Cream (Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker) and Jimi Hendrix."

(Although I am heartbroken to see that they were rivals with cream and Jimi, two of my other favorite bands of all time.....(as you will see in my profile) Im sad now....)


Okay, so despite you haters, I'm going to do my project on Pink Floyd. yeah, I know, big suprise. Anyways I found a source for why Pink Floyd chose their name... Im going to have to look deeper into it because he said they might not all be true, but here's the quote from

"The 'Pink' was named after bluesman Pink Anderson and the Floyd came from bluesman Floyd Council. Originally, in the Syd Barrett era, they were called The Pink Floyd. Back when they were psychedelic."

So yeah, Im going to look deeper into that and Im also gonna do a biography about them.


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Man, I remember when hardly anybody watched family guy because it was so edgy and all those pricks were insulted or something. BUT NOW ITS ALMOST LIKE POP CULTURE! people that I dont like watvh it know 'cause they think that its cool. Man its still a really awesome show but I do hate it s soaring popularity. Hopefully it will die and goe back to the glory days when no-one had a clue what we were talking about as we laughed our selves to death.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Lost sucks

I guess I can understand why people like this show but then again, they're stupid. It's a show that's just cliffhanger after cliffhanger and most of them never even get resolved. It really just shows the ignorance of the american people in my opinion. It's like a drug to them. People get really addicted to it and never stop. So many people watched it that I decided that I'd watch it and find out whats so great about it. I saw that it was just a one big cliffhanger to get people hooked so after three episodes I quit, disgusted.

If you wanna see something good on abc then watch BOSTON LEGAL

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Funniest show ever. It finally got nominated for some emmys this year (best comedy and best actor[zach braff]). Somebody tell me why it isnt on yet? When will it be on? TELL ME!

My Name Is Earl

this is by far the funniest show that's come out in years (since scrubs). It's hilarious. In fact its almost the only thing that me and that treacherous hewhoknowsall ( have in commom. Fuckin' lost fanatic man... but anyways post your thoughts about My Name Is Earl and if they're good then we can laugh and relive the great moments and if they'e bad 'll fight you.

P.S. If you haven'yt seen My Name Is Earl, it comes on tuesday nights at 9:00 in NBC